The most ancient showroom in Florence, situated in via Strozzi facing Palazzo Strozzi.
We are living in an era where the supply of goods is saturated, but our concern is how much this can go to encumber the quality and uniqueness of the product.

Uniqueness. Each of us wants to be special in his own way, expressing his own taste. But how many products can really offer this, in a market now saturated with supply? This is just one of the major concerns that our brand poses.
This shop repeatedly has distinguished for the exclusiveness of its porcelains, for the splendid ,ancient and modern silver , for the refined glassware.
The Firm, relatively to ancient Silverware, has got an important collection,that includes porcelains from the first years of 900, settled and glasses. For this pecularity the Brand does part of the Associaton of the Florentine Antiquarians and of the Antiquarian Shops.

But we want to do more.
We decided to pick up the extremely handy and crafty craftsman, from the Made In Italy,and we have been accustomed to our experience, and to our timeless taste.
We have selected the best creative, young and avant-garde minds that allow us to create new, never-obsolete objects, from classic to contemporary.
And our customers know this.
In 96 years of History the market is changed and now the shop offers its articles to an international customer base and sends all over the world.

Th High Quality could be explained, analizing our tipe of customers,
important business people from Asia in particular China, Royal Families from United Arab Emirates, and Saudi, Very Important People from Europe, Russia, U.S.A. and South America, Aristocratic Families from Florence and Italy.
Choosing Ugo Poggi means choosing a timeless personality, an invaluable elegance. Yours.