Ugo Poggi

An Appointment With Jane Fonda

Over the years it’s happened several times that famous people, by the actors to the components of Royal families from all around the world, we were honored by their visit, right here in Florence, in our boutique in Via Strozzi.

Usually everything happens very quickly and in an unexpected way.
Suddenly, we find ourselves faced with personalities of great depth.
Just like that, a few months ago, when Jane Fonda, a popular star from Hollywood, decided to take an afternoon break, ended up right in our store.

So it was that, with a very elegant and quiet paws, this figure surprises us , during an ordinary working day, preceded by two other people.
A black hat pulled down over her face.
Sunglasses, to hide the look of someone who has many stories to tell.

Immediately, that woman so mysterious, originated some interest, catching the attention of those present, especially of Mrs Grazia and Mr. Ugo Poggi, who were present that day.

A quick look at silver flatware, a sense of wonder looking up toward the ceiling studded with Crystal.
It was then that the client expressed some interest in a refined set of dishes Made In Florence.

It is now known that one of our strengths is the customization of our objects,not only through graphics and shapes, but also with the inclusion of initials, on request.

At that time Mr Ugo, turning to the woman, asked the initials of her name and surname, and was to then she replied with a strong American accent “JF, of Jane Fonda”.

You can imagine the astonishment, that suddenly captured these.
How to blame them.
Shortly there after, the amazement turned into joy.

An iconic woman, a famous Hollywood stars, in their shop, one of the most ancient shop in Florence.
Come to Florence with his family, was casually through the streets of Florence, in search of beauty.

Definitely attracted by the big names in fashion, effected her escape in Via Strozzi, when it was suddenly caught by something unexpected.
It was then that she decided to move closer to our showcase,attracted by the glitter of silver, the preciousness of crystals and the whiteness of porcelain.

Still, a few months later, the episode continues to arouse some interest.
An experience and a photo to testify, a reminder to others and especially to us, how lucky we are to live in the quality and aesthetics of Italian products.
A passion cultivated over the decades, a strong tradition of historical principles and passions that now are historic.
Makes us reflect, and understand the potential of our culture,of craftsmen around the ability to materialize dreams into unique items.

And all this richness, we want to continue to offer it, to you, and to every soul who will be so sensitive to perceive it.

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