Almost a hundred years of tradition and a brand, our, that has its origins at the beginning of 1900 as a producer of furniture and articles for home furnishing.
Today, after 95 years of activity, this production takes new life, thanks to Ugo Poggi Ugo Poggi is managed by Niccolò Interiors belonging to the third generation of the family.
The architect Poggi offers a complete interior design and a custom design service to meet your needs, style and budget of each customer, from the Private to the Architect Interior Designer, till the Contract.

We manage every project, from concept to completion, regardless of size, with a meticulous attention to detail, working with a team of highly skilled craftsmen and accompanying the customer step by step, in realization of the entire project, from lighting to the design of every single space, to the selection of materials and exclusive furnishings.
Our approach helps to create the ideal environment, which fits the unique style of our client.
Authentic style interior, where the resulting project becomes reality, and space a share of excitement and beauty.

Ugo Poggi Interiors service includes:

  • space planning
  • CAD drawings
  • specific assistance for the construction
  • lighting design
  • project management
  • photorealistic 3D images in hd
  • design of bespoke furniture and objects
  • selection of accessories and styling advice
  • production of your drawings

Niccolò Poggi
Award-winning architect and designer, based in Florence, Niccolò Poggi began his career following his degree in architecture at the University of Florence.
He began working in renowned Florentine studios, without forgetting the numerous projects of broad international scope, which immediately allowed to Niccolò of cultivating passions in parallel, and an entirely new artistic personality.
It follows the creation of a personal collection of exclusive articles, contemporary flavour.
Organic designs inspired by nature, sculptural bodies that take shape by Niccolò, objects that have allowed him to get broad international recognition.
Apart from his personal collection of furnishing accessories, Niccolò currently works as an architect and interior designer, also devoting himself to photography and sculpture, and the teaching of 3d modeling, at the Faculty of industrial design at the University of Florence.
Whatever his activity, the protagonist remains his philosophy, and the unmistakable style that helps us.
It follows a concept of space where taste and elegance are the masters, with a particular attention to detail and material research, donating eclectic and innovative responses to the interaction between man and the environment.

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