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Cup & Saucer 2 Tall Medusa Blue

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CUP & SAUCER 2 TALL of the collection Ikarus, in porcelain, with the decor Medusa Blue, by Rosenthal Meets Versace.

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One of the first services of the “Rosenthal meets Versace” collection is Gianni Versace’s “Medusa” service from the “Ikarus” collection that reflects the inimitable world of Versace’s riches and colors. The key point of this collection is a sumptuous head of golden jellyfish, the unmistakable sign of Versace’s recognition, surrounded by expressive Baroque decorations. True aristocratic colors, glossy red, elegant gold and black , and demanding drawings and filigree ornaments give the jeweled head a brilliant color frame of unheard of elegance. The “Medusa” collection includes a full board service and coffee service as well as many accessories.

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blue, yellow, gold


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