Official reseller Duncan Urquhart Naphtali Hart

Teapot Duncan Urquart Naphtali Heart


Original TeaPot by Duncan , argenti antichiLondon, GB, King George III, with hand floral motifs, sterling silver 925%, produced in 1808. ID N° 025900


Duncan Urquhart and Naphtali Hart were Jewish silversmiths working in the Georgian London of the 1790. They recorded their first manufacturer’s mark as ‘buckle makers’ at the London Goldsmiths office in 1791. Their last mark registered their occupations as ‘plateworkers’, which shows that they were developing their areas of expertise in silvermaking. In addition to the buckles, Urquhart and Hart specialize in the realization of sophisticated and refined silver tea services, a production that has brought a great prestige to the brand.

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27cmx 13cm x H: 15cm


Antique silver can be cleaned like any other modern silver. However, it is advisable not to treat the surface so as to preserve its distinctive nuances of the authenticity of the product.


Sterling silver 925