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Silver Tray Charles Reily & George Storer


Original Silver Tray by Charles Reily & George Storer.Produced in 1841, in London, GB, during the Queen Victoria Period. It has a contoured lip and an internal engraving with hand floral motifs and a dedication to the center. Sterling silver 925%.


Charles Reily and George Storer’s partnership began in 1829. Together they produced superb quality pieces in a fascinatingly varied and eclectic range of designs. While their range included presentation pieces, they tended to specialize in fine quality domestic ware, especially richly cast claret jugs and figural wine coolers as well as delicately ornate snuffboxes and other small pieces. Charles Reily was the son of Mary (née Hyde) and John Reily, who were both London silversmiths. After his father’s death in 1826 Charles went into partnership with his mother in Carey Lane – the same address from which he and Storer first operated. They moved to Lovel’s Court Paternoster Row in 1835 but the following year returned to their original premises. Their work was retailed by other firms including S.H. & D. Gass and Reid & Sons.

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Ø 32cm x H: 4cm


Antique silver can be cleaned like any other modern silver. However, it is advisable not to treat the surface so as to preserve its distinctive nuances of the authenticity of the product.


Sterling silver 925