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Liquid Platinum


Liquid water pitcher, platinum finish


Created by Niccolo Poggi, this hand-painted ceramic pitcher is Made in Florence, by truly dedicated and experienced artisans. The process of realization of the ceramic collections is enough unusual, he starts with a two- dimensional drawing , or a three-dimensional computer model . After he realize the model using different materials like clay , wood or plaster with his hands . This is the real creation moment , a moment in wich sensations cames to reality . Later the hand made process continue with the work of the artisans that finish it finding each time a unique piece.

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Polish white ceramic, Platino




H: 30 X 12 X 36 cm


Painted and finished by hand.Every variation in color and details is to be considered not as a defect, but as a synonym for uniqueness, the real result of the craftsmanship of the product.

Shipping 30 days