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Barocco Silver Schiavon Table Fork


Barocco is the style that re-elaborates
With exquisite detail the ornamental motifs
Of the late renaissance period.

From the splendours of the seventeenth-century
European royal courts to the most sumptuous
Contemporary table settings, barocco offers
Elaborate relief decorations whose refinement
And details make all the items of the collection
A pleasure to behold and to enjoy.


Schiavon’s silver cutlery sets were created to enhance the most refined table settings. Perfect for all those special occasions you wish to celebrate with finesse, they also add pleasure to elegance if used every day. The pieces are a feast for the eyes. Moreover, they are extremely durable, feel comfortable in your hand, are easy to use, and come in a vast variety of styles, patterns and decorations in both solid silver or silver—plated versions. The pieces are crafted with great expertise in order to capture and reflect the light, making even the most minute detail gleam brilliantly.

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87 gr


For manual washing use soft non-abrasive sponges with delicate detergent, rinse and dry thoroughly. The dishwasher is also dishwasher safe, with a water temperature of up to 40/45 degrees C.


Silver 925

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