Ugo Poggi

Lunch in the garden with Orto San Frediano

Ugo Poggi Firenze Orto San Frediano

The table radiates summer energy among warm sun rays and the delicate scent of aromatic herbs.

The long summer days give way to the scents of fall, in a game of flavours and colors that lull us towards a new season. What better time to gather around a colorful table, surrounded by the smell of flowers and aromas of the garden.


Ugo Poggi Firenze evoked this peaceful atmosphere in the unique set of dishes created for the Florentine garden kitchen Orto San Frediano, a little culinary jewel founded by Italian chef Enrica Della Martina.

Ugo Poggi Firenze Orto San Frediano

The dining set is inspired by different aromatic herbs from the garden, such as thyme and rosemary, adding an extra dimension to a simple yet exceptional cuisine.  A sophisticated creation that brings together culinary art and the art of the table, thanks to the vision of two remarkable Florentine realities.

Ugo Poggi Firenze Orto San Frediano

Dainty botanical drawings, specifically designed and selected for this project, decorate the beautiful porcelain. The collection of stunning pieces introduces a touch of delicate elegance, injecting new flavor to a simple table setting, perfect for beautiful moments of togetherness.

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