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Easter 2018 – Inspirations To Make Unique Your Easter Tableware – Word Of Ugo Poggi Firenze

Have you ever heard about the tradition of the “Easter Egg hunt”?

Maybe not really, because, at the bottom, it’s a recurring events original from  the North Europe, but at the moment it is becoming established also in the Italian culture.

You need just a pair of things to organize this distraction and make really happy your childs.

A luxuriant garden, and some baskets full of painted Easter Eggs.

You will be asking why we are talking about this tradition.

We can say that in some way is arise in us the necessity to recreate in the setting the childhood essence and genuinity, typical for the Easter waiting.

Here is the Easter Egg hunt’s garden becoming a soft basement for our Mise En Place.

An emerald color became vivid now with the contrast between gold, white and the shades of violet.

For the occasion we have chosen an elegant dinner service by Ugo Poggi, with exquisite gold and marbled  green headband, and a precious Crystal and Gold thread.

Everything is framed by golden cutlery in pearly acrylic.

On the right, some Murano Glasses match perfectly every course with their clearness.

A touch of color intervene To defuse our setting.

Like  the napkin ring in Gilded Bronze and Pearl Nail Polish (Ugo Poggi Firenze) we have chosen to accompany a Cashmere Rose tones napkin, new star of the summer.

And what about our Easter Eggs?

In a total Fabergé style, in enamel and gold, they are a reminiscence, more precious sure, of the Easter Eggs hand painted that were given away when we were childs.

Add a few lilies little branch springkle on the table, and let their fragrance accompany your imagination.

You will really feel like you are eating in the fresh air of a blooming garden.


We wish you a Peaceful and Happy Easter,

Ugo Poggi Firenze

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