Ugo Poggi

Natale 2017

We take you on a timeless world, a rich table, not only for valuable items, but for the atmosphere warm and romantic, like the Christmas of another era. Opulent details, but never overdone. Delicate, as a silent conversation.
Glasses engraved and hand-painted with French gold. Strictly 925 Silver cutlery. Warm metal, in his sparkle.

An aesthetic exploration of which rises between food and unique items, in a bed of hand painted porcelain in ivory paste , with gold. Refined dishes that whet your appetite,that for Christmas has the right to be great. Even the simplest ingredients take on a new personality , with the served dishes from our collection Grace.

On the left, two small salt shakers, with sculptural details, seem engaged in a sweet interview.
Add flavor to the dishes has never been so refined.
From above, the centerpiece Whiting, it seems to monitor they, with a solemn way.
After all, from 1910 to the present, he must have seen a lot of things.

For his part, the antique silverware always transmit the history of which are spokesperson, so direct contact with these objects became the best way to appreciate the art that created them. A Sheffield coffeepot peeping from the corner. A unique piece, straight from the Victorian London of 1849. At his side, an elegant coffe cup designed by Ugo Poggi, supplemented by the teaspoon, all finished in pure Gold and Pearl Nail Polish, with a musician cupid at the extremity. The perfect combination, ready to donate a delicate moment of relax. A well deserved rest ,after the long Christmas lunches, pleasant but laboured at the same time. Precious time, stolen from the daily frenzy. Firewood that burns in a roaring fire. Lights and embroidery. Luxuriant fabrics. Your loved ones. Friends, and affections more valuable. Not to forget that the real luxury to be fully enjoyed , it needs to be shared.