We are in the roaring and futuristic 20 ‘s, years in which beauty challenged the harbinger of war, when the entrepreneur Ugo Poggi, founded the eponymous shop in Via Strozzi 26R, in Florence, serving as a producer of gorgeous antique and modern silver, unusual porcelain, fine glassware; all of the subjects of English & Florentine production.
Pursuing the great potential of the craft industry of the period, the brand is affirmed very soon as a synonym of quality and refinement, producing some real pieces of art.

Ugo Poggi Senior, together with his wife Mimmina, settled down and made the company grow, passing then to Ugo Poggi Junior, in 1961.
The years have passed, but certain passions are hard to forget.
The store, today as in the past, after nearly one hundred years, still has a vast and refined production of luxury items for the home, taking advantage of the great resource of manpower in handicrafts, that only a city like Florence can offer.
From the precious crystal chandeliers, to the services of items in Bon China, Murano glass cups, until the precious selection of antique silverware, today, Ugo Poggi, with his wife Grazia, export in over thirty countries.
Not only.
Adept and skilled hands of artists coming from all over Italy, collaborate every day with our brand, to make this possible.

Good taste, research, careful choice of materials and the passion, go ahead with his son.
And that’s how the tradition continues for the third generation, with Niccolò Ugo Poggi, award-winning architect and designer based in Florence.
Like his grandfather, Niccolò today is dedicated with commitment and passion to grow the family business, going to combine his skills and his contemporary and innovative spirit, with a long and rich tradition.
The result is a unique production, fertile in the same passion that ninety-five years earlier, moved her grandfather to take this extraordinary journey.

The shop offers a fine selection of everything related to the art of the table and lighting, with a wide choice of dishes, glasses, cutlery and China, continuously updated not only from products of own production but also from national and international brands, which are characterised by quality and refinement.
Today, we continue our mission.
That is, create value and beauty that go over time, from generation to generation.